Think Yourself Healthy


We are what we think.


We are the products of our thoughts.

What we do, say, eat, and believe is a product of the words we allow in our minds.

So if you want to change your actions, you must start with changing your thoughts. That’s when real progress can begin.

Since there will always be reasons to eat junk food and veg on the couch, we need some firepower to fight those reasons. We need good thoughts to help motivate us! To cheer ourselves on so we can live the lives we are meant to live!

That’s where my encouraging replacement statements come in. These are thoughts I’ve used to help me stay focused on my health goals. They help me be strong mentally when I want to give up on my healthy foods and exercise plans.

These thoughts give me power for good choices to help me have a happy body!

I hope you find some of these resonate with you. Write them down somewhere you’ll see them and repeat them often until they’re memorized. Whatever your current health, you can maintain it and improve with positive thoughts and efforts.

Replacement Statements for Healthier Eating

“There is a healthy version of every flavor. I choose the healthy version.”

“Time will pass either way. I’d rather make progress during that time.”

“I won’t feel good after eating this and I don’t want that to affect my performance.”

“I am meant to thrive.”

“This is my moment. It’s in moments of decision that I show I am choosing health.”

“My body is a temple that houses my spirit, so I will treat it like the celestial creation it is.”

“My body is a gift from God. I will take care of it to show Him gratitude.”

“The best is yet to come.”

Exercise Replacement Statements

“No matter the weather, my body still needs movement to be healthy. That doesn’t change with the seasons, so I will make it happen.”

“One good decision leads to another. Even if it’s just a few minutes, I will do something to maintain this healthy habit.”

“I owe it to my body, just like any other person does.”

“I need to make the time. I will only reap what I sow, so I will make time for what’s important and exercise any minute I can.”

“Wherever this attitude came from, I can change it. I want to make the most of my life, so that means I want to exercise.”

If you would like more replacement statements and help using them, please get my book Think Yourself Healthy by clicking here. I hope you find all the support you need for being the happiest, healthiest you!