Subscriptions for Mind, Body & Spirit

It can be hard to find peace in this wild world and I definitely don’t have all the answers. But I have a few that have helped me and I’d love to share them with you! I offer the simple, affordable and powerful subscriptions to help support happy ways of creating joy in your life! This page is under construction so check back for updates!

This subscription is intended to elevate your spirit as you learn, grow, and take a break from your usual responsibilities. There’s a lot of information about the content of these courses, my teaching style, experience and parent reviews in the Classes menu which you can start viewing here.

I believe hope can come from developing ourselves. It definitely does something incredible for the soul! If you would like to grow artistically or see your family learn an instrument or other talent together, (think singing classics around the living room together) this option is for you!

The Arts Subscription will be open for registration August 1st for just $20 a month. I always accept payments one month ahead of time to ensure there’s no disruption in your classes. To ensure you are enrolled and ready for your courses beginning September 3rd, click here to register starting August 1st!

These affordable prices are not a reflection of their quality. On the contrary, it’s because I want all homes to be places of high-value growth, wholesome activities, and uplifting learning. The price reflects that mission. Because I care so much about supporting health, happiness, and hope, I offer my subscriptions at a fraction of what they’re worth.

I truly believe that through The Arts Subscription that you’ll find some support for a stronger you. You have amazing things to do in this world! People count on you! Count on me to help support you! It’s my goal to motivate you to take care of your mind, body, and spirit so you can be exactly who you want to be…eventually. It’s a journey and it will take a lifetime, so why not have some help along the way? Click here to subscribe!