S.M.I.L.E. Support

Have you ever wanted to get an outside opinion on how to handle something more positively? Or needed some support in seeing the best in yourself (or someone else!) I use the tools I’ve developed over the last decade to do just that, using the method of S.M.I.L.E. (more about that here)!

Once a month you can email a question and watch for the answer on the site. It’s all done anonymously. You can even see other people’s questions and answers that might also help you. Every month I post a few new Q&A’s for free. Complete access is available through my Music & Moments subscription which you can learn about by clicking here or register for it here.

There is POWER when we think positively, especially when we do it together! Let’s support and empower each other to live lives of joy!

S.M.I.L.E. Questions & Answers

“I struggle with being able to give myself the love needed when not feeling my best. I want to still perform like I do when I feel good. How do you manage when you’re not feeling well to stay upbeat?”

I think it’s critical that we allow ourselves to be human. There are times we need rest. Times we need to cry. Times we need to reset. Of course, dwelling there can be destructive but normal, regular, taking a breather times amid the stresses of life is healthy. Maybe try harder to Listen to Loving Thoughts. Be gentle with yourself and appreciate the efforts you are making. That attitude of love is going to help you feel better about yourself, which matters and makes a difference in our mood! You can still stay upbeat mentally even if it’s a low-energy season physically.

If you are sleeping more, acknowledge the generosity you are having toward your body. If the house is getting messier than you’d like, recognize the good you’re doing in putting your health first. This season likely won’t last forever, but how you handle it will decide whether you can stay calm and confident during it. You deserve some peace, so allow yourself to have it by loving you! <3

“I had a rough time for about 6 months straight from November-May feeling awful physically. As soon as I started feeling better I was back on my feet doing all the stuff I wanted. But now anytime I feel sick, I’m afraid I’m going to have another long sick period and I get scared and depressed faster. What can I think to stay positive?”

It can be easy to feel fear when we’ve been disappointed in the past. Since we want to keep ourselves safe, we might even tell ourselves to expect disappointment. This way we can’t get our hopes and then be let down. But the truth is life is always changing! And we are regularly learning and growing! Just because that’s how things turned out the last time you got sick does not guarantee it will happen that way again. Your body is capable of great things! It’s aware of your needs. See the good. See the progress you have made physically and mentally. Believe that this time can be different because it can!

More S.M.I.L.E. ideas to come…