Quick Fixes

Ever need to just get out of your head and your own overthinking? Here’s a list of quick fixes to help you do just that. Stress, exhaustion, depression, and anxiety happen to the best of us, but we don’t have to stay in that mind set. I hope these activities can give you the healthy break your mind needs!

-Take a walk.

-Call a friend and talk about THEM.

-Play a mindless video game (with a silly kid if possible)

-Take a dance break to a favorite song

-Sit and stretch to a favorite song

-Go out with friends (and again, talk about THEM)

-Do something with your hands – cook, craft, crochet, color, or color!

-Write a loved one a thank you note

-Serve anyone!

-Take a treat to the local fire department or police station

-Reread an old favorite book

-Watch a good movie

-Listen to an entertaining podcast

-Look at pictures of cute kittens or puppies or BOTH (this is fun with a kid too!)

-Sing along to YouTube karaoke


-Do a chore or tackle another household project (organization, maintenance, etc)

-Message a friend a compliment

-Look at hamster GIFS (LOL!! I cannot recommend this one enough.)

-Use your imagination- travel somewhere, relive something wonderful, join the cast of your favorite musical- just relax and visualize something free and fun for YOU

-Go down a rabbit hole! Search the top songs the year you graduated high school, what happened in history on your birthday, or trivia about a celebrity crush, anything that can make you smile for a moment as you think about something other than the usual.

-Lie on the floor and just breathe while you you think of floating clouds (or let your mind go completely blank if you can!)

-Bake! And if you don’t want to eat it, give it to a neighbor.

-Play a board game or do a puzzle with a loved one.

-Take a bath or shower.

-Give someone else the gift of your time, whatever that means.

Comment with any other ideas you have for taking a mental break from life’s stress!

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