Teacher Bio

EVA BARNETT is a homeschooling mom of three, writer, singer-songwriter, author, choreographer, photographer, and motivational speaker from Davis, CA. She is the owner of RiseUpandSmile.com (formerly http://www.UpliftingEva.com), where she shares inspiring music videos, modest dance workouts, and insights on life through her writing and photography.

Eva graduated from Davis Senior High School where she enjoyed the leadership positions of Student Body President, Jazz Choir Choreographer, and Homecoming queen. She went on to attend the University of California Davis as a Regent Scholar where she continued her dance studies. Her art education took her to Southern Virginia University where she served in several leadership and volunteer capacities, earning the Golden J. Kimball award. During her time there she was a cheerleader for both Southern Virginia University and the Virginia Military Institute. She graduated with a Bachelor’s of Arts in both English and Performing Arts with a Music minor.

Eva has been choreographing, directing, and performing since she was 10. She’s written multiple plays and narrated dance productions, pulling from her diverse dance background. Styles she’s experienced include African, Afro-Caribbean, Modern, Ballet Folklorico, Jazz, Cheer, Hip-hop, Improv, Ballet, Tap, and Musical Theater. Some of her favorite shows have been Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat, Anything Goes, and Fiddler on the Roof. Through it all, she’s used Pilates, Yoga, and jogging to stay well-rounded and cross-train (and because she loves ice cream).

In addition to dancing, Eva loves singing, especially when she’s got her guitar or ukulele. Her voice studies began in the 8th grade and have continued through adulthood. From jazz to show tunes, singing keeps Eva’s heart happy. She’s also played guitar and ukulele for a combined time of 20 years, continuing to grow and progress as she’s taught others. Her first album of original songs will be released summer of 2019.

Beyond the performing arts, Eva also enjoys graphic arts, especially photography. Though it began as a hobby, friends were soon asking her to take their family’s portraits too, leading to 8 years of artistic exploration and business. Eva loves taking candid photos that show the relationships between family members. She’s continued to broaden her graphic arts experience as she’s created photos, infographics, slide shows and other graphics for businesses and families.

Eva’s teaching experience is extensive. From working in dance studios, theaters. and schools to managing YMCA after-school programs, Eva is a dedicated educator with a flair for fun. Beyond her 5 years in school districts, in her 5 years with homeschool co-ops and community groups like Cub Scouts, Eva has engaged students and motivated personal development. With over two decades of teaching and volunteer experience, Eva is capable in front of any crowd.

Though she enjoys a variety of art styles, all her work is centered on the themes of faith, family, self-worth, and seeing the good or the “meaning in the moment.” A survivor of depression, Eva is an advocate for mental health and addiction awareness. She is also a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. While she likes hiking and traveling (especially to historic sites), above all Eva loves relaxing with her family, reading aloud to her kids, and playing the ukulele with her husband in their home in Ogden, UT.

Fun Facts:

Eva studied writing under Orson Scott Card.

Eva has performed in the Bahamas, New York City, and Canada.

Eva is Bolivian-American.

Eva once had 7 teeth pulled…in one day!

“She always sees the positive in every single little thing.”

-Sophia, Eva’s 13-year-old daughter