Mental Breaks

Here are some thoughts on taking a break mentally from your stressors, AKA #StresslessSaturday or #Service Saturday. I find that genuine service for others helps us get distracted from our own challenges, and sometimes even leads to finding new approaches to dealing with them. I hope you can find something here that’s helpful! (Or at least feel like you’re not the only one that gets stressed. 😉 ) More to come as I get the page updated and add new ideas too…

A New Look and Fresh Start   (originally posted October 27, 2018)

Things look a little different because I’m moving my Blogger blog to WordPress and rebuilding my site. (DUN-DUN-DUUUUUN!!)

“AAAhhhhh!!!!!” you say? “That sounds like a terrible nightmare. Like a Halloween horror movie?”

“YESSSSS!!!” I say to you! It IS going to take some time and effort and going through a bit of a learning curve to do this… (click to read more)

Needing Help is Not a Sign of Weakness

If there’s anything I’ve learned in our 14 years of marriage, it’s to be grateful when my husband helps me. It’s not a sign of weakness. I don’t have to be offended that he cleans better than I do. I can be grateful for it. I can even be excited about it! I have a teacher who’s cute too.😉 Early in our marriage, this wasn’t my attitude… (click to read more)

This Too Shall Pass

My anxiety as a new mom was severe. Driving was the worst. My kids couldn’t stand being in a car seat, so much of the drive, my soundtrack was their shrill screaming, accompanied by rapid kicks into the back of my chair. I loved them, but I did not love their toddler drama. I would pull over, cry, probably scream some, and wait for them to stop. Then I would try to drive again and see how far I could go before I had to pull over again. That season is long over… (click to read more)