Hope: Strengthen Your Spirit with Meditation & Mental Breaks

Feeling unhappy? Overwhelmed? When was the last time you relaxed?

Forgot the definition of that word? Or maybe you don’t have time to relax?

I get it. You’re busy and everyone’s counting on you.

But – hear me out – what if you just took ten seconds to close your eyes and breathe deeply? What if you escaped to your room for a quick minute while you fell on your knees for a quick prayer? Or to enjoy a fun YouTube DIY tutorial? What if you spend five minutes playing Mario Kart?

Do you think you might feel differently?

There’s something magical about letting our minds go blank. It can happen through meditation, when we lean on God instead of trying to push through on our own. Or it can happen when we take a break from adulting. Sometimes the mental rest comes from using a different part of our mind as we learn something creative or play a game.

Relaxation even when life is stressful is possible. This menu has ideas to help you do just that. So get ready to reset and recharge. You deserve it!