Hopeful Spirit: Meditation and Mental Breaks

Feeling unhappy? Overwhelmed? When was the last time you relaxed?

Don’t have time to relax?

I get it. You’re busy and everyone’s counting on you.

But what if you just take ten seconds to close your eyes and breathe deeply?

What if you allow yourself to escape and lock yourself in your room for a moment while you fall on your knees for a quick prayer or fun YouTube DIY tutorial?

What if you spend five minutes playing Mario Kart?

Do you think you might feel differently?

There’s something magical about letting our minds go blank and rest. It can happen through meditation, when we lean on God instead of trying to push through on our own. Or it can even happen when we just take a mental break from adulting. Sometimes the mental rest comes from using a different part of our mind as we learn something creative.

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But no matter how you do it, just do it. Sit back, for at least a few seconds. Mediate. Release. Go blank. Or get curious. See if music or another stress-less art activity helps you decompress.

Your mind’s been going and going and going. You’ve worked hard. You’ve had results. But maybe you’re hitting some burn out.

Do you need a recharge? Let’s see what happens though when you stop staying “on” all the time.

You might feel amazing after a break. You might feel relief if you spend some time away from your worries so you can catch a mental breather.

So escape to mother nature (or your bedroom). Lean on God. Allow your spirit a moment to feel some hope.