My graduation gift for high school was a guitar, and I’m so grateful it was because strumming it and songwriting has given me a lot of hope and happiness over the years. It’s given me so many good memories with my family. Want to make some of your own? Let’s do it!

My Guitar class will be taught LIVE online on Tuesdays at 5:00, with the video available to watch again within 24 hours on a password protected site. Students can ask questions and learn from each other this way! You can also re-watch material you love and to make sure you really understand it.

For starters, you’ll learn the different parts of your instrument, their names, and functions. You’ll learn how to tune it, take care of it, and take care of yourself while you play it. Then we’ll start learning chords, strum patterns, and even finger-picking patterns. You’ll learn songs you’ve heard in your favorite movies, like Shakira’s “Try Everything” or others The Greatest Showman. There will even be some music theory as you learn about which chords go in what order to tell a story in a song. We’ll mostly learn chords in the key of G, but we’ll dabble in the key of Am too. That might not mean anything to you right now, but it will in a few months. Isn’t learning exciting?!

All you’ll need is internet access for classes, a guitar, print-outs of the lyrics and music I email, a tuner (a tuning app on a cellphone works great), a capo, a pick, folder and pencil.

If you’re local, there will be an opportunity at the end of the year to perform some dancing alone or in a group. I will also be setting up a performance at an assisted living facility midway through the year. These activities are definitely not mandatory, but it’s often fun to share what you’ve learned or to use your talents to serve. I believe that’s partly what they’re for and will grow even more as we use them those ways.

This class is part of The Arts Subscription and is only $20 a month for 20 20-minute LIVE classes for anyone in the family to enjoy!

I don’t have any specific religious content in my classes, but they are hopeful and happy because that’s just how I am. 🙂

My classes go above and beyond other online courses or YouTube videos because…

  • I’ll be teaching them LIVE so students can ask questions and get real-time feedback. It can also help ensure the videos get watched since they’re at a scheduled time. Of course, they will also be available for viewing later to rewatch or in case you miss the class time.
  • I will get YOUR input on which songs we learn to play, sing, and dance to, so you can ensure you’re loving the content!
  • My password-protected site means you won’t have any ads or other random, inappropriate pop-ups or distractions.
  • My classes follow a deliberate arc based on my teaching philosophy. In fact, it’s the same one I use to create art: Lift, Love, Learn, Laugh, Repeat. In other words, I try to make my classes a hopeful, inspiring experience where we grow from setbacks and respect ourselves and our efforts. Music, clothing, and content is always modest, wholesome, and appropriate for all ages.
  • One low monthly price gives you access for your entire household! This means you can learn and grow together without driving all over town or having all those course costs add up.
  • 20-minute classes mean they are bite-sized information sessions that can be absorbed and retained. The session will keep a student’s focus. Also, if the class is for kids it can give parents a chance to sneak away for a break or get dinner ready in peace! (Or maybe even learn beside them! You can allow yourself 20-minutes for some enrichment!)
  • I’m an experienced teacher and parent. I’ve taught and tutored in elementary schools, junior highs, high schools, community centers and at the college level. Now I’ve homeschooled my own kids for 6 years and have loved it! My oldest is a teenager so I have quite the spectrum of experience from teaching littles on up.
  • I’m a professional in the areas I’m teaching in, meaning I’m experienced and still engaged with the material. I know this will help me engage your student too!
  • Since I’m a homeschooling mom first, there might be an occasional need to reschedule class due to an educational trip or unexpected illness. I will always do make-up classes within the week so you can keep your educational experience moving forward! Your satisfaction is a top priority!

Arts classes are geared for multi-age learning. I’m confident that most kids 7-years-old and up will benefit from my courses, and maybe even younger ages depending on the course and child. You know your family best! If they want to try a class even if they are younger, go for it! Let’s see what happens!

Arts classes will begin in September 3rd and run through April. (My fitness classes will continue with a modified schedule through summer.) There will be no classes the weeks of Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and Spring Break. To account for those weeks with no classes, and if you are enrolled the entire year, there will be no charge in March for April’s courses.

On average, one video will be posted online per week to a password-protected site for your entire household to enjoy until there are at least 32 videos per subject. After they are taught live, the class videos will be uploaded within 24 hours. If there is ever a reason that I need to postpone filming or posting of a class video, I will let you know as soon as possible via email.

You can sign up at any time and stop at any time, although I highly recommend trying any class for at least 3 months. It takes that long just to get used to a new program! Enjoying it is easier once that happens, as is the case for any class that requires a foundation first. But if you feel like you want to try something different, go ahead and start watching videos of a different arts class. My program offers flexibility, and that’s something that I hope you take advantage of any time you feel like it!

To sign up for the awesome learning opportunity my Arts Subscription offers, and to ensure you are enrolled and ready for your courses beginning September 3rd, click here to register starting August 1st! To learn about my arts and teaching experience click here. Finally, reviews of my teaching can be found at the bottom of the Classes Menu.

Together I think we can give you the chance to develop artistically, take a break from your everyday chores and duties, and feel some joy as you learn! If you have any questions, please reach out to me at and I will do my best to answer them. I look forward to hearing from you and helping you find joy through learning guitar! Thanks!