Doing some home-exercising with Cole the cat.

“Partial credit counts.” That’s what my Dad taught me when it came to test-taking. Show whatever work you can and it will work out. That’s the same attitude I take toward fitness. Do what you can and it will help!

That’s how I’m hoping to support you.

For years I’ve taken care of myself by exercising at home – with kids, pets, and even my husband around. We couldn’t always afford a gym membership and I didn’t like losing time driving to one anyway. So I’ve adapted and it’s paid off. Now I want to share this simple strategy with you.

Beginning in September I will offer 5 weekly 20-minute fitness classes LIVE online. 20 minutes of exercise can be a great workout if it’s focused and to the point. I know our time is valuable, so that’s what I intend to give you! If you want me to do a shout-out so you can have some accountability, you got it! If you want to watch these videos later, A-OK! I hope these fitness resources will be useful, fun, and affordable so anyone can get support for taking care of themselves! They’ll even come with a bonus email with a healthy eating recipe or tip!

Here’s the class line-up with descriptions below:

Monday 6:00-6:20 AM Pause for Pilates 6:30-6:50 AM Dance Workout

Tuesday 6:00-6:20 AM Rise Up & Stretch 6:30-6:50 AM Cardio Strength

Wednesday 6:00-6:20 AM Walk-it-off!

With these videos available online after, it would be easy to repeat Pause for Pilates after Walk-it-off on Wednesday, Rise Up & Stretch and Dance Workout on Thursday, and Walk-it-off! and Cardio Strength on Friday for a full week’s worth of exercise. All the 6:00 classes can be done to your own audio too. If you just want to listen to a book or lecture and you’re familiar with the moves, you can mute me and move while you learn something!

Class Descriptions:

Pause for Pilates – This class is a great flow of basic Pilates exercises to strengthen your entire body, with an emphasis on your core and legs. There are ways to modify the movements and also push yourself harder if you feel up for it! Designed as exercises for injured athletes, Pilates is careful with your body while also giving you a great workout to build strong, lean muscles!

Dance Workout – This class features fun dance moves that are easy to follow and still a great workout. As time passes we’ll also increase the challenge in the choreography. We’ll do at least one new dance fitness routine each week and also review familiar ones so you can increase your intensity. Get ready to work you muscle memory and have a great time while you do it!

Rise Up & Stretch – It’s time to focus on gentleness and peace as we relax our bodies. Little by little, we’ll focus on different muscles and loosen them up through proper stretching and breathing. Then we’ll do some basic beginning yoga (don’t be intimidated!) to awaken the entire body. This will be quiet time to take care of the amazing body and mind that deserves a reset, at least once a week!

Cardio Strength – Work those muscles with intensity and speed as we exercise to some great, energetic music! From pop to rock, we’ll focus on our legs, abs, and arms. This workout is meant to compliment Pilates, giving your muscles a different kind of movement regiment. Always focused, fun and positive, you’ll finish this class feeling like you packed in a punch of fitness!

Walk-it-off! – Through a variety of traveling moves, we’ll walk around the living and give you a workout that will get your heart rate up! These routines have helped me exercise a little each day while I watch a show, listen to a podcast or scriptures, or even read aloud to me kids. This fitness class is peaceful and powerful, helping you maximize your time and fit in a walk any day!

Since I’m a homeschooling mom first, there might be the rare need to reschedule class due to an educational trip or unexpected illness. I will always do make-up classes within the week so you can keep maintaining your healthy habits! Your satisfaction is a top priority!

To give these fitness classes a try and incorporate more joy through movement into your life through my Get Movin’ subscription beginning September 3rd, click here to register starting August 1st! To learn about my arts, fitness, and teaching experience click here. Finally, reviews of my teaching can be found at the bottom of the Classes Menu. You can always send me an email at if you have any questions! Thanks! Hope to workout with you soon!

Some family yoga time! Even 5 minutes is worth it when it comes to taking care of ourselves. <3