I feel so lucky to get to share hope and inspiration every day.  If you need a lift, you can follow me on my Facebook Page, Uplifting Eva, as well as on Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.  Let’s be friends!

Also, I would love to share my story of hope and healing with your Mom’s group, Youth group, Church or other community organization.  My favorite topics for speaking are:

Enjoying Motherhood: Seeing the Silver Lining in The Clouds of Chaos
Gratitude: Maintaining A Positive Mental Attitude During Times of Trial
Ye Are The Temple of God: Physical & Spiritual Health Well-being
Addiction Recovery: Overcoming Hurtful Habits With God’s Help
Forgiveness: Embracing God’s Love For Others
Becoming Your Best Self: Trusting God’s Plan for You

Please email me at upliftingeva727@gmail.com for a press kit and more information.

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