A "Cheesy" (but true) Ahaa Moment

The other day my daughter wanted help getting a snack…well, that’s putting it lightly.  🙂  She was having a tantrum, whinning and wailing, because she couldn’t get herself a slice of cheese.  “MOOOOOOOOOOOM PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!”  I may just be imagining the please.

I walked into the kitchen to see this…

Yup.  The cheese was up on its end, and a very dull butter knife was stuck in it.  Now my daughter is only 6 and knows she can’t use sharp knives.  She also knows I like it when she gets herself a snack on her own.  So this was the best she could come up with.

Little did she know that less than 5 feet away, up on the counter just out of sight, was a small cheese cutting board with a serated knife on it- the exact tools she needed to get her slice of cheese.  Of course, since it was out of view and she was unable to use all the tools completely on her own, she felt distraught and hopeless.  This may sound dramatic, but that’s my daughter! 🙂

But isn’t this how we all are sometimes?!  We think we are trying our hardest, using every option we have and we still aren’t getting it done.  We feel discouraged.  Maybe even defeated.  We feel hopeless.  Yet there is hope just beyond the horizon- or in this case, the countertop :).

There IS a Heavenly Father that sees all, knows all and wants to help us if we will but humbly ask.  It takes faith.  It takes courage.  It can even take a sense of humor sometimes.  But with help from Him, all things are possible.  He wants to help us with the big things and the little things.  And He will if we ask in faith.